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3 Reasons You Need a Regular Exfoliating Ritual in your Life

by La'Bang Body |

Did you know that the secret to not only glowing, luminous skin, but more youthful looking skin too is a regular exfoliation ritual?

Many people skip this step and move right on to applying those beautiful oils filled with ingredients we adore, but if you’re applying your oils to skin that has not been exfoliated in a minute, then you’re really going to be missing out on all those potent nutrients.

Our skin naturally sheds a whopping 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every hour (yes, you did read that right) as part of your skin’s natural renewal process. 

However, with this many skin cells being shed, your skin may need a little help. When too many skin cells are being shed before your skin can properly release them, they may end up sitting on your skin’s surface, where they can clog up your pores (hello, breakouts) leave your skin looking dull and feeling itchy, and prevent proper absorption of your gorgeous body oils, and no one has time for that!

Keep reading for a few of the major perks of indulging in a regular exfoliation practice!

Clearer skin

Pimples, pimples everywhere... is something that may become a reality when you don’t have a good scrub in your life. 

Bacne (back acne) is real, and so are those annoying chest pimples that seem to pop up right when you are ready to rock that new hot bikini! In fact, since our entire body is covered in pores, pimples can pop up pretty much anywhere if you aren’t exfoliating and opening up those pores. 

A good scrub will work deep to remove dirt and impurities that may have manifested as blemishes, opening up your pores for clearer, healthier and happier skin, hallelujah!

Radiant skin

When dead skin cells build up on your skin’s surface, it can leave your skin looking dry, ashy and dull, never a fun time.

Exfoliation will help to remove dead skin buildup, revealing those fresh, radiant layers! Exfoliation also helps to boost blood circulation for an instant all over rosy glow. In the long-term, this boost of blood flow will help to minimize the appearance of cellulite, leaving your skin supple and taut. 

More youthful skin and enhanced absorption of your body oils

Many people immediately jump on over to those antioxidant-rich oils for an anti-aging beauty boost, and while we certainly like to provide, you want to ensure you are applying your body oils to skin that is ready to receive all their goodness!

Exfoliation helps to perfectly prep the skin to receive all the anti-aging love from our oils that leaves the skin drenched in dewy hydration. Exfoliation also helps to stimulate blood flow, which isn’t just good for glowing skin, it promotes the formation of collagen too, a structural protein essential for plump, youthful skin!

Of course, as the unique, incredible human you are, not just any body scrub will do! You need to treat yourself to one of our Fluffy Body Scrubs that truly takes the word fun to the next level!

Sugar, luxurious oils and a sprinkle of magic make up our amazing body scrub formulations that will have your inner wild child coming out to play! Good luck choosing just one!

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