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Why Your Locks Need our Hair Mask

by La'Bang Body |

Just as you drench your skin in oils to keep it radiant and flawless, so your hair deserves the same kind of love, wouldn’t you agree?

Sure, choosing a hair mask may seem tricky and confusing when confronted by so many when browsing the aisles at your favourite beauty stores, until we let you in on all the nasty chemicals lurking in most conventional hair brands, yuck!

This narrows down your choices pretty quickly, but to make it even easier, we wanted to let you know about our hair mask, because once you try it for yourself, your locks won’t want anything else, this is it. 

Our hair masks come in beautiful, all natural scents to leave each strand coated in sensual, subtle fragrance, while our signature combo of oils work together to repair, strengthen and hydrate even the limpest, unhappiest strands! 

Our Hydrate Me Hair Treatments have been specially formulated to protect your hair from heat, sun, and chemicals such as chlorine and will help tame flyaways, cut blow drying time, encourage hair growth and help to prevent split ends.

Keep reading for the top 4 oils in our hair treatments that will turn your locks from limp to luscious!

Moroccan Argan Oil

Often referred to as “liquid gold” this nutrient-packed, deeply hydrating and luxurious oil has been proven to make your hair silkier, shinier and softer, contributing to that “swish” we all long for indicating happy, healthy hair! Argan oil is also wonderful for taming split ends, smoothing frizz and taming frustrating flyaways. 

Coconut Oil

If you want to grow your hair fast then coconut oil is what your scalp needs, as it stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the follicles, promoting an overall healthy scalp. Coconut oil is also packed in fatty acids to fight any kind of inflammation and to leave your hair beautifully nourished. 

Macadamia Oil

When you hear that any ingredient is high in fatty acids, trust us, you want it in your beauty ritual! This powerful oil penetrates the scalp and each hair follicle, boosting strength and elasticity while leaving your hair nourished and nurtured. 

Jojoba Oil

Not only is jojoba excellent for repairing dry, damaged hair and sealing split ends, its anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for helping to control dandruff and heal psoriasis of the scalp. Jojoba oil also helps to keep your hair tangle free, well moisturized (including the scalp) and encourages hair growth and shine.

We hope you are excited to treat yourself and your hair to this mask now that you are a little more well acquainted!


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