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6 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to a Natural Deodorant

by La'Bang Body |

Chances are you quickly apply your deodorant before heading out for your day without really giving it much thought, apart from ‘this better keep me dry all day!”

If you took a skim over the ingredient label of your conventional deodorant though, you may become confused pretty fast. Once you get past the weird-sounding ingredients and start to dig deeper, you’ll begin to realize that what you thought was an innocent deodorant is not so innocent after all. 

Most conventional deodorants contain a heap of nasty toxins that can (gasp) actually put your health at risk, who knew!

We think that your health deserves to come into consideration as you show your pits some love and that’s why we wrote this for you.

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to a natural deodorant for a while now or if you’ve never given a second thought to the ingredients lurking in your conventional deodorant then this article is for you!

Bye bye aluminum

You’ll never encounter this nasty ingredient when you start treating your pits to a natural deodorant. 

Aluminum is an active compound found in most antiperspirants and it may actually increase your risk of cancer! Aluminum has been found in samples taken from biopsies of patients with breast cancer so it’s definitely an ingredient you want to remove from your life for good. 

Works with your body chemistry so you smell better

Unlike conventional deodorants, natural deos contain natural ingredients that work with your own unique body chemistry providing long-term benefits such as less sweating and better smelling sweat with regular use!

No more stains

There are compounds in aluminum that may stain your clothes, leaving those frustrating and embarrassing yellow stains on your clothes that you may be all too familiar with. When you kiss aluminum goodbye, you kiss stains goodbye too!

Great for sensitive skin

Dryness, rashes, itching, redness, inflammation...sound familiar?

Well, once you officially welcome a natural deodorant into your life you won’t have to worry about sensitive skin woes ever again!

Less chance of allergic reactions

When you apply synthetic toxins to the vulnerable, extra absorbent skin under your armpits you have a higher risk of experiencing an allergic reaction and this story shows how severe these allergic reactions can potentially be. You won't have to worry about your health or the health of your family when you throw out those synthetic brands.

Won’t disrupt your body’s natural process 

Of course no one wants to smell bad and we try desperately to block it with the use of antiperspirants, but sweat is actually your body’s way of naturally eliminating toxins from the body. 

Harsh antiperspirants block sweat and bacteria, meaning these toxins will simply stay in your body and accumulate.

Natural deodorants won’t interfere with this process and will help to reduce this bacteria, allowing you to smell better in the long run while ensuring you stay healthy too!

To start soaking up the benefits of a natural deodorant today be sure to try our creamy and fruity Lychee and Vanilla Pitty Party.

Or treat yourself (and your friends and fam!) to the Triple Bundle!

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