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4 Ingredients to look for in your Body Moisturizer

by La'Bang Body |

A daily moisturizing ritual is essential for healthy, happy and hydrated skin but, of course, not all moisturizers are created equal.

Many are packed with synthetic ingredients and silicones that may provide instant, yet temporary effects that do nothing for the health of your skin in the long-term.

We create our products with ingredients designed to nourish and protect your skin for the long-term, you deserve no less!

Here are just 4 beautiful ingredients you will find in our Luxe body lotion!

Shea butter

Native to Africa, shea butter comes from the Shea nut tree and is an edible off-white fat often used as a replacement for cocoa butter in chocolate as well as for traditional African cooking. 

It has been used for hundreds of years in Egypt (Cleopatra herself loved it) to provide natural protection against the desert sun and heat with its SPF protection of about 6. 

Shea butter is rich and luxurious, brimming in fatty acids to strengthen and heal the skin while fighting against inflammation and boosting collagen production. 

Antioxidant vitamins, A and E, help to strengthen the skin barrier while aiding in tissue repair, reducing the signs of aging. 

It’s the ingredient you want to see for deep hydration, as it is able to penetrate the skin layers delivering deep down moisture.


Argan Oil

This beautiful oil is often referred to as “liquid gold” and for good reason!

Argan oil is extracted from the nut kernels inside the argan fruit, and cold-pressed to obtain the oil inside, you can rest assured that all the nutrients remain fully intact. 

It has a pleasing nutty, fruity aroma. In fact, goats love to climb the argan tree to reach the nutritious and delicious fruit!

Vitamin A and E are the primary antioxidant vitamins in Argan oil to fight off scavenging free radicals, but it is its rich fatty acid concentrations that leave your skin drenched in dewy moisture!

Avocado oil

You may adore avocado smashed on toast but have you ever given much thought to the pits that we generally throw out to enjoy the creamy fruit instead?

Avocado oil is actually pressed from the pits and has a heap of skin lovin’ perks!

Vitamin A strengthens your skin barrier, preventing moisture loss through the pores, while B1, B2 and D will help to keep the skin cells healthy and deeply nourished. Vitamin E will aid in tissue repair and repair damaged skin as a result of UV damage.

Jojoba oil

This is the one oil that most closely resembles your skin’s own natural sebum, meaning your skin instantly drinks it up!

Not actually an oil, but rather a type of wax melted at room temperature, jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds/nuts of the jojoba plant; an evergreen, woody shrub that is native to Arizona, Mexico and California. 

It includes Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals along with skin repairing Vitamin B and it will fight inflammation and leave your skin beautifully soft and moisturized!

These are just some of the beautiful, nourishing ingredients you will find in our truly decadent Luxe Body Cream. 

Apply fresh out of the shower, to skin that is still slightly damp for optimal absorption and skin that glows with radiance all day long! Be sure to exfoliate a few times a week too, to remove any traces of dead skin cells so your pores are open and ready to receive all the nutrients from our body lotion.

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