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Why your Skin Craves Deep Moisture

by La'Bang Body |

We’ve all experienced thirsty skin, you know, the kind that feels dry and itchy, not to mention it appears less than luminous. 

Yes, if your mind immediately drifted to exfoliation then you would be right; an exfoliation ritual is essential for clear, glowing skin, but it’s what you do afterwards that seals the deal. 

A body oil will lock moisture into your skin but also add heaps more so you can kiss thirsty skin goodbye for good! Apart from the immediate effects a body oil provides (hello glowing skin and goodbye itchiness!) it actually has a few more benefits that you may not have known until stumbling upon this post. 

So get comfy, take a few minutes for yourself and dig into our latest read!

Slows down aging

Hydrated skin is the key to youthful skin, this is fact! Your skin needs moisture to produce collagen, a structural protein that keeps the skin supple and beautifully plump! A regular hydration ritual will keep your skin baby soft and glowing. 

Keeps acne at bay

Let’s just kick that old myth that “oil produces oil” out the window once and for all! When you starve your skin of balanced moisture it may actually breakout as your skin will try to make up for this lack of oil often by overproducing sebum, no thank you! Just be sure you’re using an oil that’s also packed in antioxidants to help fight inflammation and soothe any troubled areas. Stay till the end to learn more!

Keeps pollutants out

A healthy skin barrier is essential for keeping out nasty environmental aggressors that can put your skin at risk. The best way to ensure your skin barrier is strong and healthy is… drumroll please…to ensure your skin is properly hydrated of course! The addition of antioxidants in our body oils only adds further protection against harmful pollutants.

Hello smooth tanner application

Skin that is being hydrated regularly will ensure the smoothest tanning application, and your tan will also last longer. Be sure to prep with one of our exfoliating scrubs and then maintain that sexy glow with one of our body oils, or rotate the scents daily!

If you have yet to try a body oil then you need to treat yourself, like right now! Of course it’s incredibly important that you’re using an oil formulated with ingredients that are safe and natural, as well as designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin in the long-term.

We highly recommend our OG Coconut Nourish Me Oil for a deep dose of hydration! Or why not treat yourself to our 5-pack Extreme Hydration Bundle where you can try out our best selling scents!

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