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The benefits of skin hydration: 5 reasons to do it daily

by La'Bang Body |

Your skin is kind of a big deal. Not only is it the largest organ in your body, it’s also one of the most important. It helps with everything from temperature regulation to immunity, vitamin production and physical sensations. Plus, your skin is on display. You want it to look lush!

If you suffer from dry, dull or itchy skin, you can bet your body is dehydrated. However, a daily hit of natural hydration will help relieve symptoms, prevent future problems, and help you feel more confident. Here are 5 reasons why skin hydration should be on top of your beauty to-do list.

1. Hydrated skin looks younger and healthier

Dehydration causes dead skin cells to build up, resulting in a dull complexion. Not a great look! However, the more often you hydrate, the plumper, softer and more youthful your skin will appear. As you age, you may need to hydrate more often. Turn it up to twice a day.

2. Hydrated skin is less sensitive

Improving the hydration of your skin prevents itchiness and irritation caused by environmental factors, harsh cleansers, and conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Prevention is the best cure! If your skin does flare up, hydration can provide fast relief.

3. Hydrated skin protects your body from toxins

Your skin protects your body from nasty toxins, UV rays and free radicals. But your skin can only do its job when it’s intact. If your skin is broken, so is the barrier between your body and the outside world. The best way to keep your skin supple and flexible is to keep it well hydrated.

4. Hydrated skin helps make-up and tanner adhere smoothly

Smooth skin is essential for even application of make-up and tanners. We often use these products to mask skin problems. However, if you don’t start with a smooth base, problems can end up looking more prominent! Make hydration a priority and say goodbye to streaky, flaky skin.

5. It’s the perfect end to a hot shower!

Who doesn’t love a hot shower? Hot water can feel invigorating, especially on a cold day, but it strips the moisture out of your skin. By hydrating skin straight after your shower, you can instantly replenish its moisture. It’s the ultimate way to start your day feeling (and smelling!) so fresh and so clean!

Need some help with skin hydration?

Our famous Nourish Me body oils are the ultimate antidote to dehydrated skin. Rich, nourishing and super hydrating, they help with range of skin conditions like dryness, eczema and psoriasis. They’re also perfect for keeping stretch marks at bay during pregnancy. Try our original Coconut Nourish Me oil, indulge in one of our limited-edition flavours, or pick up a 5-pack of our best-selling scents. You’ll love them – and so will your skin!

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